Respecting your Fans of your Career

I have learned much respect from people of all walks of life. However, they are who they are, and things they can’t change of their lives. Fans remain loyal to their entertainers. I remain loyal to them. I think if fans say the truth about famous people they shouldn’t hate them for it. Showing respects of the average people is much better. Anyway, I think they are trying to help. These situations seem to get out of control, and could cost some celebrities lives, but not the fans. In order to stop the ones who entertain from their troubles. They should get clean and sober. This is how I view it. The doctor from rehab has no faults in all of this fiasco. The fans don’t mean any harm, but there are some that do. I am a loyal fan to those celebrities, and authors. If you don’t want your career to hit rock-bottom, then listen to your loyal fans. It makes a great worlds of wonder when you do realize what serious problem you have, and taking care of your body is of the most importance. I think for the disorderly celebrities, they should go to rehab, and listen to the doctor. It doesn’t hurt. Instead it helps, and I am not offending anyone. There is no reason to be flamboyant about it. This is your life we’re talking about. You don’t want to be a gone too soon celebrity like the others. I never get into mischief and don’t listen to anyone who wants me to. I have my common sense as should you. Fans enjoy your entertainment much, so why waste it away on stupid choices you think is right? You shouldn’t. Don’t listen to your brain. Listen to you and your family. If you ignore it, then there is your dark years, which isn’t so pleasant. I pay attention to my family, friends, and I stay loyal to my fans. I remain true to myself.

4 thoughts on “Respecting your Fans of your Career

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