Wiping Away your Sorrows

Getup Get God

Getup Get God (Photo credit: prettywar-stl)

We all have had negative events happened to us, and sometimes we go through some painful days in the present times. In order to forget about this recent painful day, clear your head, and go on with your life. Perhaps, there may never be another time where you’ll feel happy once you have conquered that sadness, however your day turns out. Remember things happen when you jump to conclusions, and its all on you. I know some people do the wrong things, but don’t let it affect you. If you want people to realize that you have changed to a nice person, instead of a jerk, then you have to feel positive till this day. It’s understandable that this isn’t your day, but at least feel as if this half day is positive. Remember most people will realize the real person underneath you. In that person that everyone loves, and cares. We all go through an emotional roller coaster, and maybe they are having the same days like you. Feel free to be normal, and act normal. One thing I need to remind you is that God works all miracles, and he doesn’t care how old you are. what matters the most is what matters today. Leave the past stuck in your past times, and leave it behind to make new positive ones in the present. I know what some of you are going through, so just hang in there, until all is resolved. But, first clear all your sorrows away right now. Once advice don’t do the mean stuff to anyone ever again. OK?!