They Don’t Want You Around Cole!

Cole a lonely man living single in his home remembers his high school memories. He made careless mistakes against his former classmates. It is the reason why they never befriended him and perhaps never will.

He remembers his friends that ruined his life. Their names were Wisha and Trish. He laughed at them during high school. Cole was careless but was also lost.

Cole has met those two girls after his high school graduation. But, they always have him hated looks. Wisha and Trish coughed up lots of blood in front of him and they died.

He confronted with other trouble makers Sam, Jason, and others. They gave Cole hated looks but all seven of his bullies coughed up a lot of blood. They all have died. Cole wasn’t too happy about that even if they avoided him friendly eye contact. Cole just thought that even if they hated him they didn’t deserve to die.

The next week he turned on the news and he heard that all the former students who were against him have died. Cole turned off the TV and kept thinking.

“This shouldn’t have happened, even though I was treated bad in high school,” Cole whispered.

It is a strange curse that he has to live with. Cole just thought no way will I accept this strange situation.


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