Jill a sixteen year old female faces her bullies. They look ready to beat her up some more like memories before. Instead, she had a secret weapon. Maybe, Jill’s words can save her.

“You’re nothing and a nobody, Jill. Your favorite hobby is nothing! That’s right you are in love with nothing!” The bully leader told her.

“Yeah, boss! Jill you will amount to nothing. Go tend to your subject nothing! Farty girl!” another bully said.

“Listen to me! Ya’ll amount to nothing but not me! I will do great things! All of you are the big losers!” Jill fought back.

There were six bullies around her. Jill watched something amazing. Her bullies turn into ashes of sand and blood. The wind carries all the bullies who now turned to ashes. Jill started laughing out loud. Very loud.

“I’ve won! I killed all my bullies until I have zero!” Jill said laughing sarcastically. She kept on laughing and never stopped. She savored it and enjoyed it. All her bullies are now dead.


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