Surprise Birthday!

All Henry’s friends are hiding in secret in his law office. Henry didn’t know. He thought that he is going to work early in the morning. His friends are viewing a messed-up paper Henry wrote for a client of the appeal. However, all his five friends are transported in that paper and went flowing down on the desk. His friends are all screaming for help.

He sits down in his chair behind the desk looking at the messed-up appeal paper. Henry got a call from his clients that she no longer needs the paper, and the case is dismissed free of charges. He watches the paper and thinks he is imagining that his friends are crying for help inside of it. He is thinking that his mind is playing tricks on him. He grabs the paper, turns on the shredder, and shreds the appeal paper. His friends were screaming of pain murder that they were dying from the paper being shredded. henry is accidentally killing his friends inside the appeal paper.

He is now thinking that he will meet his friends in the birthday dinner party they have in store for him. But they are already dead.

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