January 26, 2018

I try to stay relaxed as possible, but I am much happier. My social life that was a troubled life for most of my life has been solved. All I need to do now is be patient for great things to come and prepare for my professional writing career. I am not of anything worried about all of this. I stay optimistic no matter what. It is puzzling to my family and friends of the family see me as too normal and too relaxed. What I always believe is that I enjoy today, because I always knew everything will be cool for me at the end. I am not the one that worries about my age. They can call me old, or young and I will still be happy with my parents for the meantime. No one can’t figure it out that I never looked depressed at all, but I did learn about my mistakes. This the most important step I took seriously only.

My life is changing for good and I always knew beforehand that my friends never turned behind my back. Weird thinking right? I know. Life for me is never a problem.

I am a nice and great person.

I am listening to smooth jazz right now. I forgot about the jazz musicians’ names, but enjoy the music.

I am still practicing writing. I think I know what kind of stories the writing contests are looking for. Next month I will try to enter some short fiction stories in those writing contests.

Next month I will choose the correct puppy dog for me. I just only need one dog friend and it’s all I can handle.

I think now I will listen to songs: The Climb and Roar to believe in my writing to get better improved. I will feel much encouraged to write more.

Well, my friends I will see you in my next post! Be safe! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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