January 24, 2018

This month has flown fast and there are a few days left. Time did come at a fast pace.

I was writing today and practicing at it. It was hard and not easy to do. I think that I understand half of show don’t tell. I write well right away. I have a tremendous amount of talent in my writing. Right now I am structuring sentences. I am trying to make them sense, so I can be well prepared for my first novel. It is very difficult. I want the literary to be difficult, because I want to challenge my writing.

I don’t worry about sports and think of it as no big deal. I mean the teams are going to win and lose all the time. I am not a genie of the lamp of sports. I just watch it and enjoy it. We are not X-Men.

Right now I am thinking of how to structure paragraphs and it is a tough task, but I want to do it. I think that I get the literary. I am absorbing the writing material real fast. Most of it I understand. I saw YouTube today about how to write a novel and am learning basic steps. I am also learning the tips and techniques. I know that making novels takes a year, or more years to make.

The Miami Heat will have the Miami Vice uniforms set to play in NBA games. I think seeing them in Vice uniforms will be cool. A different type of uniform that is cool.

Thanks to the song Make It Happen I came this far to my goal of becoming a writer, and will be a professional horror novelist. It has changed my way of writing, back then I was awful at it. The horror genre is real awesome for me. Of course, I believed in myself and will continue to do so. I can now create fiction characters that readers will love to hate, but still read my books.

I still listen to other inspiring songs to believe in myself. I tell myself that I can be a horror novelist many times. I write anytime that I possibly can and I do have time to do it. My time is manageable to practice writing. I love reading writing reference materials. It makes me happy and optimistic about my life.

Well, I hope that all of you have a great weekend! See in the next post, my friends! Love and peace to you all! Be safe! 🙂 ❤



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