Marketing On TedTV

I was watching TedTV on Fire TV. It was interesting and exciting about Simon Kuznets that wrote the National Income aggregate during The Great Depression in 1930-31. It existed from 1929-32. I was just trying to find out why he wrote it. The whole history is interesting of the life of Simon Kuznets. But, many years have passed and nobody ever makes it of any importance this year. I could guess the reason because it is a very old report. The author though did the smart thing to help the economy at the time.

I started learning about Gross Domestic Products (GDP). I never even knew about it. I will start again in other days to watch TedTalk about marketing again. I have an online class teaching me about marketing. I am reading The Principles of Marketing too. I don’t like the technical assignments. I don’t understand it. I don’t need to because I am a fiction writer.

I have tried to watch the subject on marketing in YouTube, but didn’t have any luck. There is so much about celebrities, YouTube celebrities, and animals in YouTube. I didn’t find anything about marketing there. I love YouTube, but am now watching TedTalk. I also watch the video speeches of famous authors on TedTalk. I saw one on Stephen King and his talk about writing was impressive.

I love it when Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about Astronomy. I see his shows The unexplainable Universe and The inexplicable Universe. I have learned a lot about Astronomy from him. It took me 18 years to make sense of it. Throughout those years I knew very little and I was watching those astronomy shows, but now I understand mostly all of it. It makes sense to me now. My favorite Astronomer is Michelle Thaller. I have been learning about space from her a lot and also from Sean Carrol, also. He has written a lot of astronomy books. I have mostly all of them.

My favorite author is Stephen Hawking and count also Sean Carrol to my list as well. They both are amazing with astronomy.

I love astronomy and science. My favorite subjects.

Well, I hope that most of you enjoy the weekend! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤



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