My Memoir (November 17, 2017)

I feel happy in Miami. I am staying in Miami, Fl. I am not leaving the state of Florida for no reason at all. This is where my friends and families are. I have connections here. This is the only place I call home.

I took two days rest and tomorrow I will lift weights again. I am going to start to do it for three straight days.

I was studying marketing and it is tough. I didn’t study grammar today. I took a rest from it. I attended the online class. I am learning a lot about business marketing.

I went out to get coffee at Barnes & Noble. It was cheap because I had the coupon and my membership card from there.

I love Miami. I respect all the states here in the U.S.A.

When I become a professional writer and earn lots of money I will go to those UF Men’s basketball and college football games. I have attended the Miami Hurricanes college football games a lot. But, I haven’t gone to the UF games. I am even thinking of going to the UF softball games. I love UM and UF. I really want to see the UF games in stadiums and arenas. It will be the most exciting experiences of my life. The environment is so friendly.

I have gone to Miami Heat games before and love it.

I have been studying a lot. I never went out very much, but a little bit of time. I only went to get lunch at Arby’s. Just the sandwich and that’s it.

I will see the Miami Hurricanes game tomorrow at noon. I am excited that it will start so early. I guess that they will win.

I was watching Dances with Wolves. I love that movie the most. I never forget about it. It is a classic favorite for me.

Well, see you later, everyone! I know that I said that I will write tomorrow, but I’ve decided to write today more. Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤



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