Movie Review: “Big” (1988)

When I first saw the movie Big I loved it. It is about a young preteen kid named Josh who has a troubled life. He has complications of his love life, and tries to impress a beautiful girl to go out with him. He goes to a fair and sees a wishing machine telling it that he wants to be big. His wish gets granted and then he turns into an adult in his thirties the next day. It is a real funny movie. When I was a teen this was my favorite movie. This is a heartfelt movie. I won’t spoil the ending if most of you wish to see it. I won’t ever forget this movie. It is one for the ages. I give it three stars and a half out of five.

15 thoughts on “Movie Review: “Big” (1988)

  1. I loved Tom Hanks in that movie. There are some deep symbols in it. For example, it showed that it takes a child to tell manufacturers of children toys what children want. It also shows that it takes a child to teach adults what intimacy is without sex. Then there’s the love of family. I had hoped for a Big 2 where we could see Josh telling his mom what really happened and how the family deals with what Josh learned as a kid in an adult’s body and world.

  2. It was a great movie about what we lose when innocence is no longer. How our perspectives change. I guess it was for no reason that Jesus told his followers that they must be as “as babes”. Great movie!!

  3. It is a fantastic movie!
    I liked the scene when he and his friend were at the bank, and the teller asked “How would you like that?” Then the two “boys” had a quick, private talk, and then he said “Three dimes, seventy-some singles, and a hundred dollar bill.”

  4. I saw Big a few years back randomly. It was fun. What kid wouldn’t want to work for a toy company? I’m grown and I think i’d enjoy that.

  5. “BIG” is a family favourite! We all love that film – a superb story of innocence and fun and heartwarming, too. I enjoyed reading your review of it, Raul. 🙂 And thank you for visiting my blog.

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