Celebrity Ghosts Just Want Peace With God

However, you want to look at late celebrity ghosts, they just want their glory with God. The gone too soon celebrity ghosts are in Heaven with their glory with God. It is fine to mourn a celebrity that just died recently, but not for too long. But, after all that, they just want their peace. On the other hand new celebrities come along and than we should enjoy their entertainment, and that is what they are there for: to entertain us. I think you can listen to any late great singers, for example Michael Jackson, and then see Robin Williams in funny movies. But, all said and done they want their peace with God. Celebrity ghosts however don’t visit their fans, but only visit their families, and friends. It is a normal response. They are gone in the real world, but we can still enjoy their entertainment. Those joyful things they brought us are there to make us happy. After that, it is back to reality like going back to work, talk about things, and life. We all remember the good memories of these late great artists entertainers. In fact I do enjoy listening to Nirvana, and N.W.A. music. But, peace and glory with God is all they want, once they are gone. However, troubled or great life they’ve had, leave them alone and left them have their peace with God.


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