A Strange Event Occured at High School

A young teen Silver Cross tries to makes ends-meet with his classes in high school. He is at his lunch break with only a few friends. It’s almost time for his biology class to start. He and his friends finish lunch. They depart from each other to go to their next classes. Silver’s bully Marcus Holmes stands in front of his way intentionally.

“Why are you doing this?” Silver asked

“You’re trying to get smart with me, pencil-nerd?” Marcus said

“No, now get out of my way, Marcus!” Silver protested

“No, you bum! You’re always my punching bag, pencil-nerd!” Marcus told him

“Okay, suit yourself!” Silver replied

Silver pushes him hard when the bully almost falls down, but regains his balance. Silver sees something strange in him, when suddenly Marcus turns into a statue, while most of the students watched shockingly. He goes away from his bully. The students decide not to tell anyone about the bizarre event that just happened right now.

A week later, the school staff asked permission to the City of Seattle if they can have a right to remove and demolish the statue that was in the school’s way. After a few months, they got the right. The city removed and demolished it.

Marcus Holmes’ parents reported their son missing to the police. Silver is real satisfied at home, that he no longer has that bully to bother him anymore.



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