Babies Being Delivered to Moms in Floating Clouds

Dear diary,

Hello, my name is Oscar Stance and my wife Susan had a baby just days ago. When our baby was in the hospital we couldn’t yet receive him. We named him Oliver Stance. They told us that he will be delivered to our home in a floating cloud by his size. We wanted to disbelieve it, but we saw some kind of sorts of that this earlier. Once me and my wife had walked the sidewalk babies were on top of floating clouds were being delivered at all the parents’ homes. I just couldn’t believe my eyes, and so can’t Susan. Well, we went back home waiting for our baby to arrive. Susan looked out the window and saw her baby Oliver being delivered by a floating cloud coming towards our home. It was in mid air. The door rang at the front door. She opened the door and saw a note on the floating cloud. She read it carefully. It said “Oliver is delivered safely home.” I picked up Oliver into our arms and then the cloud disappeared into mid air. We were baffled by what we witnessed. But, our baby wasn’t harmed in any way. We brought him in and closed the door behind us. We have received a call from the hospital asking us if the baby arrived safely, and then Susan told the nurses that Oliver is fine. Well, I never believed babies did sleep on top of floating clouds moving in any direction just to go to their parents’ home. Now I know there is such a thing. But, I am glad that I am a proud father to have a son.

Sincerely yours,

Oscar Stance


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