Finally, Supergirl is Here!

Well, like I have said in my past post that the show Supergirl was going to arrive and it has. I haven’t seen the first two episodes, but I think it is doing well with the audience. The heroine looks very cool, and her as the nerd girl personality side is classic. This is back to the nostalgia comic books. If most of you want to see the show, you’re welcome to. I hope that people don’t go sexist of it, because it is a girl portraying a hero. But, at this time nothing tragic has happened. Let’s hope it stays that way. I wouldn’t mind watching Supergirl. But, hopefully this show gets tremendous success. When mostly the super heroes were all men. It is time to give super heroines this chance, maybe men like us will enjoy watching them. It is about time that this show is now on TV. Don’t you think? So, far it will do well.


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