Remembering the Godfather trilogy

When I saw that the Godfather movies appeared they were brand new. I loved them in that time. I know the main characters are criminals, but I enjoyed it the most I could. Marlon Brando and Al Pacino were both great and excellent Godfathers. The mafia was what it once was back in the past. This movie is well done of how the mafia began. I still love to watch all three mafia movies. When I get the chance in one day I only watch The Godfather, part II. It was the perfect day to see it. I have read the novel, but sadly it isn’t number 1 in the literary world. I think there are more novels that are as the same as excellent as Mario Puzo’s novel. Each novel is different. I think that The Godfather movie and novel have a say to debate on it of where it should be ranked. For me in my point of view I think it should be number 1 on both subjects. It is an excellent movie and novel. Nobody has written a mafia novel that tops it. It stands in the history of time. I know there are some that probably don’t like that movie. But, it has changed cinema the way we see movies today. The Godfather will be the most beloved movie and novel in the history of the world. I certainly love them both! If you want to read an excellent novel, then The Godfather by Mario Puzo is exactly it. Both are entertaining!


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