Mr. Cookie and Mr. Donut

Eddie Carlton grabbed a cookie and a donut. He set them at the kitchen table. He left to go pick up something from his room.

“Hey, I’m glad Eddie isn’t here right now!” said Mr. Cookie

“I know he was about to eat us both!” said Mr. Donut

“Well, this is what it is!” said Mr. Cookie

“Anyhow, you look delicious!” said Mr. Donut

“And so do you!” said Mr. Cookie

Mr. Donut saw Mr. Cookie and they crashed into each other. They began to eat each other off. Mr. Donut ate the whole Mr. Cookie, but Mr. Donut is now in half himself.

Eddie came and saw Mr. Donut once he dropped his wallet.

“What happened to my cookie?” said Eddie

“I ate it!” said Mr. Donut

Eddie saw that Mr. Donut was fatter and very good to eat.

“Oh, no! Don’t look at me like that, Eddie!” Mr. Donut told

“Oh, yeah! You will be my dessert. You look Yummy!” said Eddie as he grabbed Mr. Donut from running away from him.

Mr. Donut was crying once Eddie was eating him. Eddie has finished eating the donut. Mr. Donut doesn’t exist anymore. There is no talking food anymore. Those were the only two talking, but are no longer there.


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