Having Good Intentions

I believe that in order to have good intentions your mind needs to be good, instead of bad, which bad represents evil. If most people have those intentions in mind, then they’ll be rewarded. If not then they will be punished, and perhaps for life if it gets worse. Be good to all kinds of people. Stay true to friends, families, and friends of the families. They love most of you as mine do to me. Caring is great for the heart. There will be some good people doing bad things, but they don’t really mean it. We need to guide them, and make them go to the good side. Don’t fall into mischief. Good intentions are that you want to be that person for the good life and good change, and not for the bad intentions. Some people hide their bad intentions and most of us are being fooled by them. Be careful of mean people pretending to be nice with you. They want to take advantage of you for their own interest. This is bad intentions gone evil. Good intentions are you mean well and would never harm a soul. However, you need to be alert at who is willing to give you those wonderful things in life. Be alert and stay optimistic on all facts of life. Start with yourself on a clean nice slate.


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