Take Time to be Amongst Family

Spend some quality of your time with family. God will thank you for it. It doesn’t hurt to talk to them. Family is there when you need them. I know some of you are angry with your family, but it will soon pass. In some other time you’ll realize that your parents are telling the truth about the problems you have. They just want you to make the right decisions. I know it seems that you hate your brothers and sisters, but the other day you will love them back. I think hate is deadly venom that once that person hates something it is doomed for suffering in life. I think by decreasing hate you will get away from that deadly venom, which is the word hate. When both people hate each other is when they are problematic. I love myself, and am not shy of forgiving others. Family is love, and caring. I love my family. Learn the word love, instead of the word hate. Your family will always be there for you. Spend some time with family, and I promise you will have the best time you’ve never had.

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