A Wizard told me About the World’s Future

Dear diary,

A wizard has come to me with horrible news. He took me to Earth’s future. He showed me all the wars that humans have to fight against wizards and aliens. It was all so scary, and intense. It doesn’t look real pleasant. All the humans in the future are suffering. Hello, my name is Jason Kemps and I am going to survive in this war. He told me that I joined an army called “humans United”. I was the leader of the group. The terrible stories I’ve heard from my new friend Eli the wizard that most wizards have joined the aliens to rule our planet. They want us to be enslaved. He tells me that soon enough this war will start several years later in the future. We went in a time machine to see what was happening. I didn’t like what I saw. The humans were being defeated by wizards and aliens. Me and Eli were hidden in secret places where no one could see us. When we went back in the present I came to my home, and Eli has returned to his home planet. Everything is fine now in the present. I now know what is going to happen to my home planet. Earth is going to be invaded by aliens and wizards united to bring us down. It will have new rulers, and new civilizations. What I can’t do is tell people in this time what is going to happen later, because they won’t believe me. I would end up coping with a psychologist. The smart thing I did was going to bed in my room and pretend all this didn’t happen. The reality awaits us all.

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