You’re Making Your Own Disturbed Mind

There are some people with disturbed minds, and they’re the ones that make it so. They need to recover to sane-hood of humanity in themselves. It can be too late for some, if they don’t do it. Your mind is useful for something else. Like my mind is used for writing horror and fantasy novels. Some of the strangers watch too much violence, and shut out the people who want to be friends with those whom do. These people sometimes lead lonely lives. I think in order to conquer your craziness of your mind. You have to think clearly, and take your family’s advice. It is there to use it. If your mind is messed up of information you don’t want to look for. Look for something else to spend time with. Throw away any negative thoughts. It’s you who are making a tormented life on yourself, not your enemies or friends. If you don’t like someone, then erase him/her from your memory. My parents always told me when I made myself tormented it’s me who’s ruining my life not them. In this case the person your talking about doesn’t even feel it, even if you think s/he does. Do your math. Maybe those people have already forgotten about it, and you’re the only one who’s bringing it up. The craziness comes from your fear of some things, and it can even be people of any kind. This is a meaning of a disturbed mind. You make your own war of Hell in your mind. Having a peaceful mind is sane and healthy. You’re in Heaven when you do.

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