Use Your Common Sense

You are smart enough not to make fun of, or mock anything, and anyone. Your common sense tells you not to do the wrong choices. People are different, and they deserve respect. When you go out with friends your brain is intelligent enough to say no to things that do you harm. Don’t ever betray your friends. Don’t betray innocent strangers, if they’re famous, or not. By using common sense this helps you lead a normal, and healthy life. However, there are some people who aren’t normal, and are nice. If someone ask you to smoke drugs say “No!”. If someone tries to bring you into the wrong crowds walk away. Avoid any person who wants to hurt you. You shouldn’t care who they are, in what shape they are, and whatever position they are in. Your life is more important. The people who hurts innocent people do pay the circumstances. Use your conscience as your guide. There are some people who want to do the right thing, but they do the contrary. These persons lead horrible lives after they decide the wrong decision. You don’t want to do that. I know you don’t. Don’t be scared, and nervous to do the right choices. Common sense is there in your mind to use it well. Trust in yourself, instead of trusting evil people. Let your family help you to make the right choices.

2 thoughts on “Use Your Common Sense

  1. Thanks a lot for your efforts to have put these things together on this blog. Mary and I very much appreciated your input through the articles with certain things. I’m sure that you have quite a few demands on your own program hence the fact that you actually took just as much time as you did to steer people like us by way of this article is actually highly appreciated.

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