Battle: Batman vs. Superman

We have no idea who is going to win the battle between Superman and Batman. Most of you could easily say that Superman will win, or that Batman will win. However, these two superheroes will face against each other in the new Batman vs, Superman movie, which will be coming out some time in some year. I like both of them, because they represent for the good of justice. I bet if this movie comes out it will have high ratings, and most people would want to go see it. I have heard that next year it will be coming out. I want to see it as well, too. It may appear that a cameo of the Joker will appear in it. It scratches out to think that us too are much interested in the Joker. However, there will be a main villain in the film. Decide which superhero you think will win against each other. Will it be Batman, or will it be Superman? It’s your choice. But, you can only root for only one. Choose one of the two superheroes, and next year see the movie of who will win the fight against each other. You may comment by telling me who you think will win, and why.

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