Aliens Have Lived Way Before Us

I know for a fact that most people don’t believe that aliens haven’t ever existed. For them its the silliest fact they have ever heard. In fact aliens have lived way before us, and the reason we don’t believe it is because they’re aren’t interested in coming back to planet Earth. We have an unanswered question: Do aliens really exists? Most people would tell you the answer is: No! If some of us believe in them we might be considered crazy to most just not believing it. I think there is history of alien evidences’ in the U.S. that we don’t know about. One thing for sure is that  most people love watching alien movies, books, and shows. I’ll brief you shortly, if we imagine aliens in our minds, then they do must actually exist. We should be thankful that these aliens have helped shaped our civilization of what it is today. You can say whatever you want about these living beings, but one thing is that you can’t just put it into facts just yet, until you have discovered evidence of it. Aliens share the same God we believe in, and Jesus came after the aliens, and not before. However, there may be fewer people believing in it, but we don’t know for a fact if it’s made-up. Well, I learned one thing is to respect people’s beliefs. I think in some of these years if this keeps up they might really come back here for real, and who knows what they’ll do. If there are humans, then there has to be aliens in other planets as well, but most of us discount it. Their history is the same as ours. We live wars just like they do. All of you  may be laughing now, but you don’t have the facts right in front of you. But, how are we sure to laugh at it, until it’s too late? I think if they do come, then they’ll come in peace depending on how we treat them as guests. My view is that they wanted to make a wonderful planet called Earth that has history, it’s civilization, and nature, then just leave us alone. They live life just like we do. This makes sense to me, and I do believe that they’re smarter than us. We carry the same smarts, and genes as our predecessors: the aliens. However, strange this may sound to you: think whatever of it. When they come back it will happen like a million years from now, or probably sooner. If this doesn’t make sense to you, then believe the number of people who do. Most of us who believe aliens exists surely don’t have any problem skeptics disbelieving us, as long as we aren’t the jokes of this. The aliens have made a wonderful planet called Earth, and its civilization. We should only trust the aliens that are good and friendly. Believe whatever you want, but this theory won’t ever go away.

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