The Jerk Jokers Are Full Of Junk

All of the time the jerk Jokers some men and women they bother us, because they have flamboyance to back them up. They think they are nice decent people, but aren’t. In the future they’re the ones that end up losing at the end. They are all types for example they could be famous, important, or just average. We should label them as the Jokers, which they want to be labeled this way. Nice people end up winning; however average, famous, or important they are. God is here to send people to Heaven for those who do good deeds, and those who deserve it. The jerks think of themselves as little kids, instead I think of them as little kids who are jerk Jokers themselves. This is the way they go to Hell, and feel the pain by the Devil. They think they’re doing good deeds, but instead are paying the circumstances, by hurting themselves. They hurt their chances of going to Heaven, instead they will be in Hell; However, most people think the opposite. I think that nice people should earn people’s trusts, instead bad people are earning the evil people’s trusts. We shouldn’t care about that, and us people should lead a healthy happy normal environment, because jerks are full of junks. Remember, it doesn’t matter the power and money they have, which they end up paying for it for the Devil waiting for them next-in-line to suffer. We aren’t full of junk, and they won’t ever change, because they never do. They will always stay the same, and it’s what’s Hell wants. Stay with your nice decent happiness of your life, because God will reward you with his love in his Heaven. Most of them are afraid of the words God, and Heaven, because they sense guilt in their bloods; however, they may hide either way. Nice people don’t have any guilt’s, and don’t make up excuses for their wrong-doing. Stick with your true inner-self, and you’ll be the happiest person who ever lived in the face of this planet, just like me. We aren’t bad people, just by the jokers saying we are. They’ll end up paying for that as well. We are the nice good deeds people. Trust God, and respect all races. Care, and love for all races of people. Love, peace, liberty, and freedom.

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