Many Years Pass Rapidly

Holy Spirit 33

Holy Spirit 33 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)

We have to do the best of our efforts of making something of ourselves, and enjoying life at the same time. We aren’t getting any younger. The reflection of your personality on the outside does matter. It reflects of how you are viewed. The years fade faster once it moves along. The thing is you can’t remember of the past, while the good things in your present time is happening. Don’t try to choose right or wrong when in the past years you or someone has done something wrong. The past is there as a learning experience, but not to be judge by it. If you try to think of your past problems choosing right or wrong, then you will feel negative. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong by deciding. It’s just not normal when it already happened many years ago. It is also important to keep your memories of your parents. If you do nothing and just sit there with no experience of any career, then your life will be wasted. Forget about your past life, and live your present one. Remembering the good past is great, but there will be times when you have to enjoy the current ones. So many people take for granted the years they have done nothing for themselves like saving money, which is important you do so. Think of what job to do, and think of fun things to do on your spare time. I assure you this is the right path to a healthy life. Don’t be concerned by the years passing by if you are making something of yourself. Forget the emotions that are irrational to you in your mind. Reflect on your positive feelings. Your Holy Spirit needs positive results. Enjoy the years while they pass by.

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