Is Brett an Alien?

Dear Friends,

My name is Brett Davidson. I now know that I am an alien. It is a story you would be interested in. I started going out with my friends and girlfriends. We have had a fun time going to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. We came back from that vacation to our homes in San Francisco, California. We are San Francisco 49ers fans of the NFL. I’ve always loved watching my favorite team the San Francisco 49ers play in the NFL. The eighties watching our team winning Super Bowls were Golden for us. Well, my friends got back to work and I got back to mine also. One night when I was asleep at home I started scratching myself and went to the bathroom and in the mirror I saw a different kind of skin I have. It was the alien skin. I peeled all of my human skin and realized that I am an alien all along. The discovery shocked me and went outside my home to see a UFO waiting for me to go home with them. Guess what? I went with them and am no longer living in planet Earth. I found out that they are actual Martians. They explained to me that I am a Martian and I happily accepted. God has made me this way of alien-like. I am trying to get used to it, and I will try to get used to living in Mars. I left this note outside hanged on the door for you my friends to let you know. I know you won’t believe me and would assume that I ran away somewhere, but it’s the honest truth. I am an alien all along. I just haven’t realized it before. So, long my friends. I am with another new life to enjoy.