The Friendly Tom Philips

Terry Beatty

Terry Beatty (Photo credit: Alan Light)

Tom Phillips appeared out of nowhere in a couple’s home. Terry, and Drew Allicorn were just inside their home. Tom didn’t know these people. He was thinking about the serial killer Alice Pains who was the one who actually murdered him. Tom is a ghost now, but is only ten years old. He feels sad, confused, and depressed.

He has just lost all of his entire life. Alice got sentenced for life and the electric cheir by being executed a long time ago. It’s about 13 years ago that it happened. Terry was walking one day in his home and saw a ghost in shape of a little boy.

“Honey!” Terry said.

“Yeah?” drew asked

“Come down here!” he said.

She came down the stairs and saw a ghost boy. She was in shock by dropping the phone. Terry was also shocked and frightened as his wife is. They didn’t know what to do.

“Who are you little boy?” she asked him

“My name is Tom Phillips. I want to explain why I came here to both of you.” Tom said

“Okay. Well, sit down and you’ll tell us in our living room. Is it true that you are a ghost, right?” she asked

“Yes, I am a ghost. I was in Heaven for a while. I will do whatever you ask of me.” Tom said

Soon Tom appeared as a normal human boy.

“Why did you decide to come here with us?” Drew asked

“I feel safe here with both of you.” Tom said

“Awwwwwww! Cute defenseless boy!” she said

He told his own version of what happened that day when the serial killer Alice Gapster killed him. When he finished telling the story they understood why he is here. Terry and Drew cried of his sad tragic story. She asked Tom if Alice got the electric chair. He told them yes. Tom had a lot of fun with the couple a few weeks later. They have gone to almost everywhere they went, and people were surprised at the little boy ghost.

“He’s innocent! His name is Tom Phillips!” Drew told everyone outside her neighborhood.

“We know! We love him!” they responded back

The other week Tom told the couple that he had to go back to Heaven and is glad they understood his tragic story. He went to Heaven. Terry and Drew never forgot him. For them they’ll always remember him as the warm heartfelt little boy were glad they met.

A Ghost Of A Convict

Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a National Historic Landm...

Old Tampa Bay Hotel, a National Historic Landmark, now part of the University of Tampa, in Tampa, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nathan Williamson is walking as a ghost of a convict in the streets of Tampa, Florida. Everyone that don’t see him pass right through him. He was in death row by the murders of two teenage Hispanic girls 15 years ago. It is now August 19th of 2012. It’s the way he did it. These girls didn’t deserve it. He raped them and shot them with a Kimber Stainless TLE 1911 .45 ACP. Someone later on found the bodies, then called 911 on the cell by calling it a murder crime. It took six months for the police to capture Nathan Williamson, and was tried by trial at a court. The jurors decided from the evidence the death penalty, and it was one of the first degree sentence in Florida. He remembers the execution very well, and it is always on his memory of his was once last days in jail. Soon the flashback was gone, and tried to become human again, but couldn’t. He didn’t have that power to do so. He is thinking that thank God he isn’t going to hell, and the demons saw him. They grabbed him pulling him down to Hell. He was crying and screaming very loud, but no living persons could hear him. The dogs were screaming loud by sensing a ghost, but the owners shut them up. The people enjoyed their walks, and hanging out in the malls. But, Nathan had no alternatives, but to be sent down to Hell to suffer. He was slid down by the demons, and was no longer in the real world.