Life Matters More Than Stuff


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The least importance of your worries should be the stuff you want, like a certain movie you are waiting for. Life is more important than sports, and anything else you want. I think you need to be glad that you have your parents to guide you. The stuff that you want, like a novel from Stephen King, you can get it afterwards. Right now make it your importance on your life, then junk anything that you won’t need. Food is important also, but eat the healthy foods everyday. You have to feel happy that you have friends, and family to talk to. You can go wherever you like, as long as you don’t result yourself from buying something around that area. Take care of your money, and save it for your insurance. Think about spending time with your friends. Think about a family for yourself, instead of always ending up in stores in your entire lifetime. You can’t eat a book, or a movie. In this case you need to eat healthy, and smart. Take care of yourself by making limits with your money. Make something of yourself. Think about how much money you want to save on your bank account. Think about saving your life, and the people that want to help you. Realize what you are doing is wrong by spending money all on junk. Make time for the most important things in your life. Take action, and take back your liberty.

Death And Reborn

Cover of "Coming Home (Heartland #1)"

Cover of Coming Home (Heartland #1)

Ingrid Camel is an only child with parents Jim and Sheryl. The 3 members of the Camel family live in a peaceful home down in Nebraska and are huge fans of the college football team The Nebraska Cornhuskers. A long time ago their team won consecutive championships in college football. She went with her parents to everyone of their football team’s games. She never missed a game.

Ingrid loves animals and the outdoors. She goes fishing with her Dad and hangs out with him in a farm with animals. She spends a lifetime with her parents while she’s not married. Her love and caring for her farm animals is a long one. You see Jim trained her how to take care of the animals and explained that every animal has feelings. After, that she grew a strong bond with the farm animals as if they’re family members, and still today she considers them that.

She also spends time with her mom to tend her at the garden and learned how to do gardening from Sheryl. Ingrid was very busy all the time, and didn’t have enough time to hang out with her friends, which she usually she does. But, not this time. She’s a free spirited girl with high hopes of having an average career.

Her parents quickly explained to her that pretty soon she has to settle down and have her own family, which somehow they won’t be around for her much longer. “Why, mom and Dad? You’ll always be with me forever when you’ll be going in my heart and soul.”

“That’s very touching dear. We just want the best for you.” Sheryl responded tearfully. “you’ve already have. But, thanks for the compliment.” Ingrid responded.

They all went to the Grand Ole Opry to see their favorite singers making tribute to one of their longtime singer. Once they attended there they enjoyed beautiful singing tributes to the singer present at the audience. It’s soon getting late and the Camel family had to leave. So, they left out and drove a few miles to their home.

Her Dad went on telling his wife and daughter how amazing interesting the Grand Ole Opry was. The two women went on complimenting how wonderful it was to see celebrities perform songs to tribute their favorite singer. Once her Dad didn’t notice that a big working truck went their lane by mistake. Ingrid quickly alarmed her Dad that he’s going to crash, but it’s too late by the time when the car accident just happened. Her Dad didn’t have his seatbelt on so he went out crashing into the window.

Luckily, Ingrid and her mother had on their seatbelts. The two women had little injuries, but Jim Camel was on critical condition. Her mother quickly went to her husband’s aid and Jim tried to talk. Ingrid quickly dialed 911, and her Dad has injuries from his head to near his heart. They’re real worried about Jim’s health.

They had no help from the people driving by, but all the people driving slowly peeped at what happened and didn’t mind their own business. Ingrid and Sheryl were frustrated of how curious the people were, and this was a serious car crash accident.

The man who drove the big old truck came to their aid, and said “, I’m sorry. I didn’t mea—” but, they ignored him, and couldn’t bear looking at him as if he’s the one who killed Jim Camel. The man was called Henry and he’s in tears trying to walk away from the scene but couldn’t.

He knew that he’s soon going to jail. Later, the police and emergency ambulance came and brought the body of Ingrid’s dad, and put him inside the ambulance. The police told Ingrid and her mom to go inside the emergency ambulance. The police filed a report of the accident and arrested Henry and put him inside to the back of the police car.

At the hospital Ingrid and her mother were at the waiting room and the rest of the family they have were there. All of the family, uncles, nephews, and etc. were waiting if Jim Camel is going to make it. A while later the Doctor came to counsel Ingrid and Sheryl that Jim Camel is gone and in a better place. When they’ve heard the news they cried and went hysterical.

Sheryl tried to tell the Doctor that he’s fine and that he’s coming back, but the he didn’t know what to tell her. Her daughter heart broken told her mom that it isn’t her fault he’s gone. Her mother unhappily cried that her partner’s gone. The whole families heard the terrible news and were deeply saddened by their loss. Ingrid only held tight her mother, because he pain for her husband is too strong.

Ingrid drove home with her mother, but they started thinking about Jim. All they only thought about is the loss, and the funeral they had to make and attend to. Once they went back home with their farm near they decided to sleep to make the tragedy go away.

It was long days mourning and depression, but yet they had to go to Jim’s funeral. Ingrid went to her went to her mother to tell her that they had to be with him for his going away. Once Sheryl faced the facts once her daughter did also that day they agreed. They tried to sleep however they could, and made it through the night.

Once it became day the went to Dad’s funeral with her family and friends. The day was a time negative for them.

At the funeral the casket was open to remember how he was and all the relatives paid their respects. Sheryl kissed, hugged, and said her goodbyes as well as Ingrid did for her Dad. The people in charge of the event hugged Sheryl and Ingrid. Their families hugged them telling them to try to remember the good times. Ingrid and Sheryl told them that they will try to.

The funeral ended, all the families said their goodbyes, and went home. But, God had a plan, and he always does.

The next day Ingrid spent time with her boyfriend at his home, and her mom stayed at home trying to forget about the tragic accident. Once Ingrid told her mother by phone she’s coming home and quickly told her boyfriend Eric to drive her back home.

Eric did as his girlfriend pleased, and was at her mother’s home once more. Ingrid and Eric went hurriedly to her from when the door opened. They both tried to tell her that her emotions were normal and that it’s alright to mourn a loved one, but they told her she’s got to let it go. Once she heard she finally did.

Ingrid slept at the room she once slept with her parents with the purple heart from her Dad and dreamt of happy memories.

The next day was different something strange when she woke up and went to the kitchen only to see Mom and Dad kissing each other sharing their meals. She couldn’t believe what she saw and fainted. Both her parents went to her aid to pick her up. Jim grabbed her daughter to send her to her room and slowly Ingrid was in bed. They patted her cheeks to wake up and she did asking them to stop patting her.

She opened her eyes and said “Dad, we buried you!!! And… And… And…”

“Honey you must’ve had a bad dream.” Sheryl said.

“It’s true! …I think” Ingrid responded.

“But, I’m here now!!!” Jim said

“Yeah, it was a bad dream.” she said not believing it

They hugged her and told her that they’re going to go have fun at the fair and she loves the fair.

At the fair she had fun with them and glad that her father’s back. I think it’s all the crying that brought him back Ingrid thought. But what she doesn’t know is that it won’t stay forever, but for a while.

For her it was a wonderful strange experience one she wants to keep forever. Through a lot of days she spent time doing chores at the farm happily whispering “Thank you God for this strange experience.”

“Thanking your for milking the cows and all the chores.” Dad said

“It’s a pleasure.” She responded puzzled

She woke up the next day with mixed feelings, but tried desperately to hide it. Once she stopped she felt better about herself. Quickly her mother went to see her in her room. She’s very good at lying, so she already knows what she’s going to say.

“Sheryl what’s wrong?” mom said

“I’m Okay!” Ingrid said

She gave her a hug and patted her softly on her back.

“Silly girl, you always worry about that, but I know that you’ll do because I’ll keep an eye on you silly doodle.” Sheryl said

Sheryl patted her cheeks as in kidding.

Her mom hugged her and left the room. Her boyfriend gave her a ring once she jumped out of complete shock. But, she got it anyway.

“Hi!” she said loud

“Quit yelling I can hear you fine.” he said

“What!!!” she said mad

“No, no, no. IT’s fine. No offense.” he said

They talked about sports of she wanted to go for the Miami Hurricanes. She loves college football, and college basketball, even if some people don’t like both.

A few hours later she was alone and Eric went back home.It quickly became night and she fell asleep once she feel asleep. Her Dad came inside and saw his happily daughter sleeping in bed. He kissed her on the forehead, and said softly kind “Goodbye.” He walked away once the light of the stairs came towards him. He saw her sleep happy with a big smile.

The day came and she woke up to see her Dad, but she saw her mother with another man.

“Thank you God. Thank you Dad for thinking of us.” Ingrid said softly so the others wouldn’t hear. Her mother and husband Louis the Hispanic man saw Ingrid and Sheryl introduced Ingrid’s second husband, and Ingrid’s stepdad. She gladly shook his hand and saw her Dad behind them happy. Ingrid thanked her Dad.

“You’re welcome. And it’s a great pleasure silly girl.” Jim said

Jim Camel disappeared into the Heavens as her daughter blew her dad kisses. She gave mom and stepdad a huge hug.

“OOOOH!” her parents said when Ingrid was still in a bear hug. They lived happily eve rafter.

Years later the Camels, families, and friends saw the evil man that killed Jim then hating him with evil eyes. The criminal tried to please his sorry, but electrocuted in the electric chair. Then men were happy Henry Danking felt the pain, and quickly the cops in charge took the corpse away. The family and friends left with sweet justice on their minds. And were glad the painful memory is gone.

Care for Your Parents

We often forget who the most important people in the world are. We tell them that we hate them, but we don’t mean it. All of the time we love our parents, and we are going to be parents as well. Our learning experiences teach us lessons to support our family and friends. Don’t go to the edge by not caring for your parents. We should be positive role models for our sons and daughters. The smartest person is the happy and caring one, not the one who procrastinates. Positivism is the number 1 rule in our lives. A more mature family is healthy for all of us. Think of saying something first, before you regret it, if you don’t it’ll be too late for it. Sometimes we care deeply about little things, and it’s OK that you do, but the most important is the people that care for you. I love my family and friends, and care deeply for them. I don’t know what I would have done in my life without them. In my life I am a much better person, and it’s all thanks to my family. My parents turned my whole life around. You should do the same for yourself, and listen for the people who are closest to you. Most of this is my advice for all of you.