Fantasy: An escape from reality

Fantasy Art by George Grie

Fantasy Art by George Grie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For some people it’s hard to adapt from real life to fantasy: I think we’re all hooked up on the real life problems we don’t have and worry about them. In some cases we do have real life crisis problems; everyone has them. But, my point is that escaping from reality to fantasy isn’t a bad idea.

We all don’t want to hear about our problems and ours as well. In this case I think entertainment steps in and gives you something to enjoy forgetting all those negative events, and even yours. This fantasy enjoyment gives you happy thoughts, and we all want them. But, it’s not easy to get out of our personal problems, and it takes time to do it. I think they’ll be happy enjoying a concert or a movie for the moment, then later on they’ll be sad about what happened in the past.

At least you were happy for that short one short time, but things change positively on days ahead. I think people change and some mean well, and let’s enjoy what God has brought us. It’s life that’s important the most for you’ll see that movie or get that toy later on. For now, just enjoy what you got right now in front of you, and forget about all those problems. So, you could focus on what you’re enjoying. Don’t see any drama real life movies that are sad too, but only positive ones.

The reason I’m writing this is because you need to escape to fantasy for the moment and enjoy it. That’s all I’m advising if not you’ll be the sorry self you’ll always have been. Don’t be that person, and be the cool person.