This Day on January 27, 2015

I have gone out to restaurants only. The last time I went out was at Barnes & Noble. It was because I wanted to purchase the economist magazine. This was on a Sunday just two days before. I later went to Michael’s to purchase something to hang my certificate on the wall. At Barnes & Noble I have talked to a teen who is going to turn twenty. I just wanted a talk that was all. She is studying for her GED. The last stop was at McDonald’s, which I picked myself an ice coffee. These days weren’t so much of full action. These were days that were relaxing. I am still watching Justified, but finally am finishing season 4. I will be on to season 5 soon. I am interested in watching the movie The Interview now. I feel that I will love watching this movie. It looks so funny. Today is a day where I got much needed rest. Right now I just need to study again the course I took. Do something fun or occupy yourself with something. Now I am going to read.