Patrick Punches

Patrick is having a nice time with his girlfriend Becky. He pretend to fight her as if they were in a boxing match. She follows along. He punches her in her belly and his arm goes through it and it is out in the back of her by five feet. Patrick’s arm gets out Becky’s belly. She falls and dies. He cries out loud in public. The strangers feel sorry for him.


I Know

I have won first places in writing contests. Once you win them it gets much tougher to win first places again. I know from experience. I have been there. The contests are like you have a coach as a drill Sargeant who argues to his players to play better and none of that nice talk because it doesn’t work to win with your potential. I never give up and keep on entering writing contests hoping to win first place every time. I know it’s difficult but you will be surprised that once you win it your prayers are answered. I love to compete because it’s healthy. In the future I will win more first places because I believe in myself.