Getting First Place

I thought of the first places many writers have won before I even won one. I thought to myself that I would never win one and it is very elusive and for the same thing as winning the first Pulitzer prize for an exceptional book you have written. It came years later that I have finally won first place in a writing contest. Now I have 11 first places and I couldn’t believe it. I have done it. I have reached Mount Rushmore. I will keep winning first places and it gets more harder winning those next ones. It will happen somehow. For me, the biggest Mount Rushmore that is elusive right now is winning the Pulitzer prize. It is a recognition award for writers. It is a very huge step to accomplish. It will happen someday. I know. But, right now it doesn’t look like it. I will focus more on winning first places and later, I will concern myself with the Pulitzer prize. I need to breathe in my writing first. I have gone so far ahead. Thank you for reading this article.


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