Don’t Be Embarrassed

If you are getting older, have friends, you never hang with friends to go out, and still live with your parents. Don’t feel embarrassed. There are some other people that are in the same boat that you are. Things will eventually get better through time and patience. I have the same problem also and I never make a big deal out of it. I know that my life will get better on the right track.

Instead, enjoy your life and what God is offering you. I know that you think you will never get the social life you never had but you will get it. You are a late bloomer like I am and I don’t feel embarrassed about it. I do otherwise is enjoying life. Think of better things to your life and paint a picture on your wall at home. Keep it there until it becomes reality. Right there you will earn your social life you always wanted. It may not be what you wanted when you were younger but at least you will be happy. Think of it this way you will get a girlfriend who is skinny and nice but not the same girl you had met before. You will have other nice people you will get involved with. And now everyone is happy with what they have achieved. Be optimistic and never give up.


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