My Improvement on Writing

I have improved on fiction writing and poetry. My comedy writing isn’t to be taking seriously. I just write to make fun of my life. In it I am reflected as a loser, but you my fans are suppose to convince me that I am a winner, after that I feel like a real winner. I already know that I am a winner, but I just designed to make it fiction and not real. You suppose to have fun with it and encourage me. All my entire life I am always and feel like a winner. It is only comedy fiction. Anyway, my writing has been better, but I am not going to say it is a 100%. I am on the right track. I am a dedicated writer. I write fiction stories to make people happy. I now do fewer mistakes. I will study on how to self edit and research. It is a writing adventure. I have an optimistic passion for writing. I hope that you enjoy my fiction stories and comedy writing. Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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