You Can Still Lead A Happy Life

I know that some of you didn’t have a life and are depressed because of it. Let me tell you one thing it isn’t too late to lead a happy life and never too late for a second chance. I know that right now you don’t have the guts to do it, but you have to be willing to do it. It all starts in your strong will.

I remember that there was a time where I wanted everything good in my teen years, but never got it. What did I do? I never gave up when all the rest did against me. I think all of us use good and hate in some kind of manner: good or bad. I started thinking smart when all the chips were down in my success. I started helping myself, resolving my problems, and helping out other good people along the way.

Just think about this that High School isn’t the end of the world like some people think. Think smart. Life begins again in other places and then you erase all your high school sorrows.

I started writing, and working out. I help my parents do the chores at home. I buy clothes, foods and enrolled in writing classes. I started buying books on how to write fiction stories and novels. Remember that your life begins again in other places too.

I remember that I saw the people who were angry at me, but I didn’t let it get to me. I used it as a strong will mechanism. My mind became friendly and optimistic about my career. Let me tell you something people will surprisingly love you again because you proved to them that you are somebody, you belong, and a good person.

You may not know this, but young people make mistakes when they made it big and start hating the wrong people. It happens to all of us. You just have to hang in there, believe in yourself and make it happen no matter what most people think bad about you.

i have been called many worse names as a child, but I didn’t listen to them. I just let those words backfire straight back at them. So, don’t worry and don’t be depressed. Life gets better. You have done nothing wrong.

Today I am a successful writer, even if I do also have some of my struggles. I still believe in my writing and never give up. I think of myself as the Energizer bunny.

Your life will turn out optimistic and all your negative experiences will disappear as it never happened. Think happy and be happy, because we all have our failures and successes. If you’re good solve your problems and make something of yourself. Nobody wants to see a good person being depressed for the rest of their lives. Think about it!


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