I Hope

Hi, everyone! I hope that you are happy and living in the present. I don’t think that all nice people should start living in the past remembering their negative past events. It is sad, but hopefully you’re not. If you are nice I hope that bullies don’t use you as a punching bag. They are jerks who are ignorant. I have had bullies in my past, but overcame them. I think that they are never going to learn. I don’t care, because that’s there problems. I hope that my writing brings happiness to you and wonderful life experiences for example going to the movies with a date. Something wonderful like that.

I know now that you are happy and don’t feel depressed. You have so much to live for. But, there are rules in life like respect others, be yourself and be nice. You will find people that are caring and who want to be your friends. Your negative life past events can be erased. But, only you have the power to do that, if you have learned your life lessons. Be happy, and stay safe! I hope that my present and future writing works will bring something wonderful to look forward and be entertained. You owe it to yourself to have happiness and optimism. Never turn into a bully, because if you do you will regret for the rest of your life. Take care of yourself and I will be here if you need to be happy. Enjoy! Happy reading! Bye, everyone! Love, liberty, and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤


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