What I Have Learned…

I have learned from all of my mistakes. I have learned to not do wrong things anymore. I have learned to be a nicer, kinder, and caring friend. I have learned that you need to help other nice people as they will also help me. I have learned not to hurt people’s feelings. I learn from my past life lessons all the time. I was and am always nice and caring for good people. I have learned to do the right things. I have learned to treat others with respect as they will unto me. I have been given a second chance and am not blowing it. In the past life experiences I have been careless and I admit it. I have learned that it takes time to make amends to old friends. I have gained new friends. I will always learn new things each coming day. I hope that you all understand this. I am a friendly person. Okay, everyone, stay safe and behave! Show respect to others. Love and peace to you all! It is all about caring and compassion! Peace and liberty! 🙂 ❤


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