Learning From Past Experiences

What I do to learn not to do the wrong thing again is that I learn from my life pasts experiences. I learn from my past mistakes for not to do it again.

I know that we all have made mistakes that we have regretted for the rest of our lives, but I learn from them to do the good things.

I am doing the good things from now and am forgetting about the past mistakes I have made that are wrong.

I help out my family and friends by doing good deeds and not bad ones ever again. I have changed to a good person and now I am trustworthy. I think that if anyone wants to change for good that they deserve another second chance in life. Don’t make a mistake on a good person who wants another second chance, if you do then you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Give us a second chance. We deserve it. God will thank you for it. God Bless!


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