Remember On Old Books

I remember back then I used to read The Hardy Boys book when I was a teen. Each case the the two brothers ever took they solved it at the end. They were fun books to read. It is less violent. Another book I have read was Flower in the Attic. It was terrifying and psychologically frightening. It was a different kind of storytelling. The children in that book were only allowed to live in the attic. They did their best to have fun. Their grandmother was evil.

I used to read Star Wars comics. They were a lot of fun. Now there are all kinds of Star Wars novels to read. My favorite to read was Revenge of the Sith. You can foresee the viewpoint from Anakin Skywalker. It was fun reading it.

I remember the old Stephen King books I used to read as a child. The book I used to read was called The Keep. It is a horror novel.

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