My viewpoint on Margaret Mitchell

I think that Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone With The Wind has paid dividends on winning the Pulitzer Prize Award. It is a well written novel. I am reading it and am halfway through the book. She has researched well of the Civil War Era and has studied it excellent. It is sad that her life was cut short. She has been killed in a car accident back in the 1940’s. She was only 48. I like the story between Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler. It is a beautiful romantic novel. I could see why they decided to make it into a movie. In 1939 it won Best Picture. I saw the movie and loved it. She is an excellent storyteller. She could have written more novels if she had lived more time in this world. It will be interesting if they make a movie about her life. She deserves one. She has written one of the all-time great novel.

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