6 thoughts on “Right Now I Am Listening to…

  1. Nice. Throwback for me. I have her 1st album/CD due to a BMG promo in the 90s I think.

    Will check for newer sultryness #Afrispora

    Yup was not expecting to see that artist. Can visual her album cover a bit

  2. Yes the ‘Love Scenes’ album. I have that in the garage

    Since you like her you may like? Gabriela Anders…she is a songtress from Argentina that I liked from way back…only to find out in recent years that Quincy Jones brought her out into the music indusstry – oh that is why I like the production she sings over

    Thsnks for the flashback.

    Enky Gabrela Anders. About tyo Youtube Diana Krall for old time’s sake

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