The Most Importance Is Happiness

Some people feel depressed that they still live with their parents and don’t go out with friends. I think that they are misjudging their lives. They should be thankful that they are with their parents. And everything else solves itself out. It always does.

I still live with my parents,but have lots of friends. I don’t take things for granted and never make a big deal about it. I think of it as small things that will happily solve out.

Half of the people fight over silly problems that can be solved. But, some don’t want to. Instead, almost everyone wants revenge against each other. This is wrong. This is how life is and has always been. I think that this is the wrong path to take.

Take the bad deal and learn from it. You will be surprised of other people who did you wrong have changed their ways for the good of humankind. They Simply learned from the bad deal and they never do it again. Be happy. Live your life.

We all get angry at each other at some point in our lives. We shouldn’t for we never know what good surprises awaits us. Some people surprise us that they finally turned good and want to be friends. Something that they wanted to do, which they thought from a long time ago, but were afraid to do it in the past.

I hear many stories from half of the lonely people who never were given second chances. It is so sad that they didn’t get the chance to show them that they were lost but show them that they are good people. This is the reason why I read stories of them dying of a very young age.

This is why we can’t take life for granted, because we never know what surprises will come. This will continue to happen, but we can prevent it to happen by solving life problems. Be happy and give lonely people another chance. They sometimes misinterpret life, but they don’t mean to. They mean well. Have a positive and optimistic life. Be happy.

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