My Improvement On Grammar

These last few days I was reading the second former grammar class. I am trying to get familiar with it. I am doing a lot of studying of different nouns, pronouns, and punctuation. A lot of sentences of different types of grammar cross my mind each day I think about it. For me it is a good thing. I am coming to think that I will learn grammar always. English grammar is another different type of animal. It is weird, confusing, and difficult to study. But, the most important is that I love the subject: English grammar, even though it can get real tricky studying it.

What I have learned about words is to think about one subject at a time. This makes it easier for me to think about for example: Antecedents and pronouns. I only study that, until I get to the other grammar task at hand. One thing though is that it won’t ever help you in any way to memorize the English grammar. It will never be done. All we can do is be familiar with it. If you start to memorize, then it will make your mind a living nightmare and very frustrating. Anyway, grammar is just there for use of writing anything you want to get published. I am still studying English grammar and always will. All we can do is be familiar with it. I love grammar.

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