My Viewpoint On Disney Movies Reboot

I remember a long time ago I loved watching The Little Mermaid. The Disney animation movies are wonderful and very creative. Many years later I have heard that they want to make reboots of classic Disney films with real live actors. I never thought they could pull it off. I guess I was wrong about that. These brand new versions of Dumbo, Aladdin and many more to come I was amazed of how they made them. It is incredible. I never would have believed it. The new version with real live actors like The Jungle Book for example is magnificent. I saw that movie and liked it a lot. I guess these new versions are going to be successful. It is another reason why the Disney Company is so smart and savvy with their success. I wouldn’t mind watching The Lion King with real live actors. These movies are beautiful to watch. They are worth the money to watch. Another smart move on Disney’s part.

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