From A Writer (read this carefully)

Most of us writers are here to entertain. Novels that come out published especially horror and crime novels get a bad name by some readers. Horror novels are supposed to take the readers off violence and just read for leisure time. Yet some others don’t do it, they use violence from horror and crime novels to use it in real life. All of us writers write novels, so there won’t be violence in this world. We get most of the blame for the real violence, while it’s some readers’ fault for harming people by violent acts. We want only for them to read it only from our fiction books, so we can save humanity. Fiction is supposed to be used to help people get their minds out of it and just to read it for leisure. It’s not the writers’ fault, but some of the readers’ fault who intend to do it. We writers want leisure reading to be a friendly environment experience for the audience to enjoy. Reading is supposed to take your mind off violence and just read in books. Reading is fun and educational.

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