The Greatest Novel Ever Written (In My View)

I think that the greatest novel ever written should be The Godfather by Mario Puzo. This novel doesn’t get a lot of credit for being one of the best novels ever written in literature history, but it should. The only problem is that the Corleone family in this book are evil criminals. I have read the novel several times. It is a beautiful piece of literature that shouldn’t be taken for granted. I know that all of it that it appears in is all illegal crimes committed by the mafia. But, once reading it you get hooked into the action. Mario Puzo deserves a lot of credit for The Godfather. He wrote the greatest mafia novel. The reason why it isn’t the best is because of its bad reputation of it being a bad influence book. I know that we should be talking about like for example The Color Purple is the better choice, but look at it this way. This book has set the standards of a great novel written. There are reasons for it. It shows how a mafia family from the inside of their families and how they operate. It has tons of action, betrayal, traitors, drama, and lots of intense action. The dialogue from the novel of its characters is much stronger and very dramatic. It is well told. The mafia family looks like if they are human after all (even if they are evil). It is debatable that The Godfather should be the greatest novel ever, even if it is written about the mafia family. It has beautiful storytelling that may not ever be written in a lifetime. This is the only far chance you’ll get to read something like this.

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