January 13, 2018

I enjoy helping out my parents with the front yard and back yard of our Beautiful garden. It makes me very useful. I vacuum inside my home in the first and second floors.

I love plants that are alive. I saw squirrels when I walked a mile around my neighborhood.

I am learning a lot about people buying homes. It isn’t easy to lease a home. Most homes these years are very expensive. I think that people want nice homes that they can afford.

My favorite channel is Animal Planet. I see a lot of their shows. I watch the series It’s The Irwins. I am surprised of how friendly these wild animals to their trainers. They get checked by doctors if they are healthy. One other thing I discover new animals each day.

I have improved much in my writing. My grammar is also much improved.

Well, enjoy the week, my friends! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

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