January 8, 2018

I did walk today and enjoyed the beautiful neighborhood. It was filled with trees, saw a few animals, and get to walk a mile this morning. All last night I got to listen to smooth jazz. I did listen to Tony Bennett’s playlist. He has beautiful songs.

I got to thinking of how much my life has changed for the positive. I am very optimistic about my life and career. I write pretty good and it shows. I saw an episode of Blue Bloods today and enjoyed it.

I was remembering my grandparents and how much I miss them. They will be always with me. They were such nice people to hang around with. I give them thanks for taking care of me when I was a very young kid. I followed their rules and gave me so much joy to my life. They will always be in my heart and spirit.

I have finished reading This Is The Day by Tim Tebow and will never forget all the advice he has given me. Such a beautiful book he wrote. So much filled with wisdom and hope for people around the globe.

I am very happy that Clemson has won the National Championship in College Football. They deserve it. It brought me happiness that they have it now. I just hope that the Florida Gators win the next future National Championships and as well as the Miami Hurricanes also in College Football.

Everything is going great for me. I am still practicing writing. I watch Animal Planet and HGTV still. I love those shows. I love animals. They are sweet and wonderful creatures. I have my brothers dogs to visit them in Gainesville. They love me. I love them.

I like to blow the front and back yard of my home most of the time. It gives me much freedom and I can breathe nature’s air. It is so alive and warm outside. I vacuum the inside of the house too. I do it upstairs and downstairs. I enjoy doing these things. I never want to get rewarded for it, because I have the pleasure making myself useful. I love to help around the home.

I am reading the second novel of A Game of Thrones. It is so awesome. George R.R. Martin is so awesome and creative with the kingdom he created. It feels like if it is very real. It feels like I am in part of the action. I can’t wait to see the final season of A Game of Thrones this year.

I am waiting for the Miami Heat to rebuild again. I am hoping for them to win more NBA Championships. I will wait no matter how much it takes. I want it to happen. I am patient.

I have enlisted in my last online class. It’s Grammar Refresher 2. This will be my last writing class. I am so happy to participate in it. I will study very hard and work hard.

I look at the airplanes and start to wonder how many people are in them. I think there are lots of them. The airport is so jam packed. I sometimes went to one and most people walk in a big hurry. Everything happens so quick. Check the baggage, wait for the loved ones to arrive, parking in, and heading out of the airport. I think that the thing is timing and staying calm once you travel somewhere, or when people you know come to spend time with you. One thing for sure is that I love the ice coffees in Starbuck’s inside airports.

I don’t usually go to see movies. I just go to other places to have fun. I mean like in bookstores, restaurants, and malls. I stay in my home and start writing. My happy writing and good place is at my home.

Well, my friends, have a great week! Behave! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

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