December 14, 2018

I am doing lots of exercise and dieting. I am eating the right foods and drinks. I have lost a lot of weight and will continue to do so. I watch what I eat and drink. 

I am studying very much. I feel like I know most of my grammar. I am in season 2 of The Last Kingdom. The show I am watching in Netflix is Bad Blood. It is a great show. It has lots of action and drama. A fun show to watch.

I am still watching the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, Florida Gators, and Miami Hurricanes. They are fun and exciting teams to watch.

What I am reading right now are Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews and This Is The Day by Tim Tebow. I love those books. The next time when I finish reading the novel Red Sparrow I will read is: Palace of Treason by Jason Matthews. 

I am happy. I am enjoying life. I am happy that I am very close to being skinny. 

I am studying very hard to learn how to write. It is very difficult and it isn’t easy. I love it because it is difficult and very hard for me. It is the reason I want to learn how to be a professional writer. It is a very difficult road to follow. This is the reason why I love it. I want it to be difficult, so I can accomplish it. I still believe in myself. I can make it happen. I have improved very much in my writing and am very close to being a professional novelist. The process will take several to develop my writing skills. I love this challenge.

I still am passing most of the grammar quizzes. I understand most of the grammar videos. The ones that are very confusing to me, but am studying it is the English tenses of: Past, Present, Future tenses. I understand some of them. I am getting there, but do love it when it gets confusing. I see it as a challenge. I love literature challenges. It makes me into a better writer.

Well, my friends, have a great year! Be kind, be nice, behave, no fooling around, or else! Show respect! Love and peace to you all! 🙂 ❤

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