August 6, 2018

I was too busy working with Fanstory, that I didn’t have enough time to work with my blogs. I am doing more than well in the website. I just received my 5th recognized status since subscribing in May of this year in writing contests of Fanstory. It is all happening so fast, but thank God for it. I need it. The faster improvement the better. Also, the faster success the better. I am studying real slow trying to see where I am at in the craft of writing. Success has found me very way too early. I am glad for it. I am happy. Who won’t be? Do the math. Of course, I will be happy. It’s a no-brainer.

I have taken off some time from studying grammar, so I can have a breather. I will start studying the English structure pretty soon. That also is going way too well for me.

half of my time I have been reading novels. I am waiting for the Jack Ryan series in Amazon Prime.

I have been enlisted in Fanstory in February 2018. I have only since 5 months working with them.

It seems that most of the grammar English structure is stuck to my mind and I never forget the lessons. You can say that I have it memorized of almost all of it. I am very lucky that I love grammar so much. It is my third language.

I am pretty busy this year. My time is limited. I am working on posts, writing material, working with blogs, Fanstory, studying grammar and writing. I will be busy with the post-its somehow.

Well, my friends, have a great week! Love and peace to you all! Be safe! Behave! 🙂 ❤







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